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The preferred way to get your motivated seller leads.

All you’ll have to do is close the deal. brings you high-quality real estate seller leads and real estate buyer leads. We do the lead finding so you can focus on your priorities - closing deals.
Do less leg work

There is nothing more tedious or frustrating than cold calling to try to get some real estate lead generation going. The hang ups, the obscenities, the time spent getting nowhere. Stop acting like a scavenger and have your leads delivered on a silver platter.

Simplify your selling process

Getting rid of cold calling is a start to simplifying your process. You can also automatically engage your leads and track replies so that you don’t miss a chance to convert that lead into a sale.

Win more sales

By having motivated leads handed to you, you will be able to connect with the most promising prospects and you will find yourself becoming the expert in your area. This type of advanced targeting means you get the chance to have bigger commissions.


We’ll handle the rest.

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  • Motivated Conversions
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The Process

We have a unique 3-step process that puts both motivated seller leads and buyer leads right in your inbox.

When a buyer or seller lets us know they are interested, our complex algorithms pre-qualify them using 50 select data points, from demographics to viewing behavior and more! It is the easiest real estate lead generation you will find.


If the algorithm says they are a good fit for you and looking in your area, we will assign them to you. You will immediately get an email notification, so you know right away to keep your eye out for step 3!

You Start Selling

Your subscription comes with a powerful system that will automatically follow-up with your prospects. Once they respond to the automatic SMS, you will be notified they are ready to talk. You take it from there!

Hi-Tech Software,


  • You don’t need to waste hours of time learning new technology
  • You don’t need to waste time qualifying your buyer leads or seller leads
  • Enjoy a steady flow of business
  • We will connect you with the tools you already use and understand
  • With everything is done for you but closing the deal.
Start Getting Leads

What Makes Us Different

We Do Your Lead Qualification For You

You don’ t have to do cold calls or go down a list. The inquiries are submitted by the prospect, and we do the pre-qualification. This means you get motivated prospects, in your area, that are qualified.

Automatic Delivery

Your qualified real estate seller leads and motivated real estate buyer leads are delivered right into your inbox. All you need to do is log in and get to work!

Regular Automated Follow Ups

Stop wasting time texting and calling people, hoping to get them when they aren’t shuttling kids to and from soccer practice, sitting in a meeting, or in a noisy area. Our automated system does the texting for you. When they reply, you will be notified!

Exclusive Leads

Get out of the cut-throat race. You don’t need to race or fight other realtors over listings. The qualified leads we assign to you are specially picked and exclusive. They are for you, and only you!

Advanced Geo-Targets

If there is a certain neighborhood you want to focus on, we can do that! If you want the convenience of selling near your home, or want to focus on areas you or your company have had success in recently, we will make that happen!

Easy Sign-Up

We don’t charge any hidden set-up fees. We are honest and upfront about everything. The signup process is quick and easy. In a matter of minutes, you can be on your way!

Regardless of what is going on in the world, people will always need a place to call home.

There is no reason for us to waste your time and ours with ridiculous promotions, webinars, blog posts and training videos you don’t need.

We know that you are a professional, and know what you are doing. We just take a little stress off your plate by getting your leads. You close the deal. Simple.

20 +

combined years of real estate lead generation experience.

Over 100,000

We have generated over 100,000 motivated real estate leads.

Free set-up

and support.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Janet A.

Premier Metro Realty Corp

I highly recommend, no one will regret working with this team! We’ve closed right around 20 deals but it’s increasing exponentially because we’re building up our database and the follow up we do.

Daniel B.

NextHome Elite Advisors

I have multiple buyers that I am working with and have even gotten a referral from a lead. It works!!

Mark G.

BTT Real Estate

These leads are INCREDIBLE! I’ve already closed two properties out of this first batch and another one is in escrow. The ROI has been unbelievable.

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