How to be a Community Representative and Promote Your Locality

16 October 2021

How to be a Community Representative and Promote Your Locality

For a successful real estate business, you have to market yourself so that potential clients can get attracted to you. Online marketing is an effective tool for promoting your locality as a community representative and getting real estate agent leads.

Research shows that more than 90% of millennials go to the internet to look for homes. Out of these, 44% are genuine buyers. To get the upper hand and attract this potential market, you as a community representative need a professional website that could promote your locality and generate real estate leads.

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Genuine home buyers search for properties online, so your website should have everything they need so that they do not need to go anywhere else. Important things a realtor website should include are:

  • Lead landing pages
  • Attractive graphics
  • Relevant images
  • Area amenities
  • Blog content
  • Responsive pages
  • Available impressively on all devices

Let’s discuss the ways that could help you capture new leads and establish you as a community representative:

1.    Announce a Local Quiz on your Real Estate Website:

Internet browsers love to take quizzes. For establishing yourself as a community representative, publish a local market quiz. The quiz should be short, interesting, and integrate the area’s history, which the local people know. The reward for winning could be a gift card from any local restaurant. This quiz could be a marketing campaign in disguise.

2.    Integrate Home Valuation Tool to your Website

Offering home valuation to interested buyers is essential as it tells them the value of their home. You could get seller leads by including the worth of your home.

As a visitor types in their address, they are asked to give their email ID and other necessary information so they can look at their home valuation report. And thus, you have a new lead to real estate contact.

3.    Record a video explaining details regarding your agency.

Filming a video would help you stand out from the rest. Your videos should be extremely convincing and convey that you are the perfect person for the job.

The purpose of the video is to convey your proposition and help your agency in succeeding. However, personality also plays a part in attracting buyers and sellers. So get creative in conveying important information to the consumers regarding your brand.

4.    Invest in a moving truck

A smart idea to differentiate from the local market would be to provide a moving truck with a big company label on the side. You could even give it to your customers as a complimentary gift. Whenever the customer uses the truck, it would immensely benefit your company and advertise it smoothly.

Moreover, have fun with the trucks if your sellers don’t want them. Park it in public areas where it would attract the most attention.

5.    Introduce questions on your blog

An ideal way to come up with ideas for your blog is to answer questions asked by buyers and sellers. You could use Answer The Public and People Also Ask to answer questions. These are free tools that give you a list of questions once you type in your keywords.

An example:

If you search USA homes, then the search results you receive would be:

  • Where can I buy a NewYork home
  • How much does a Maimi home cost

This was just a vague example to give you an idea of how this feature works.


6.    Upload Instagram stories

To have more followers on any social media platform, it is vital to keep your followers engaged. Uploading stories and posts on Instagram is a fun and creative way to get your brand recognized and increase the number of sellers and buyers.

Organizing a giveaway or a contest is the best way to run Instagram stories.

Encourage followers to capture snapshots as they tune in to your live stream and then send them via Direct Message. Choose a winner and award them with an interesting gift or a discount.

In addition to this, cross-pollinate with the other social media channels as well. And get your Facebook and Twitter followers on Instagram too.



Think about the steps that you will follow and mark the strategies that seem most suitable to you. Next, build your foundation using assets that you already possess. If you have a huge social media following, then don’t just stop there. Build more, increase them, keep on growing. For growth is a procedure that never stops.

After that, maximize your web presence as well. Remember, the secret is to formulate a long-term strategy then work on it, one step at a time. Your site is your home. This is where the business will flow. So increase your traffic. Maintain your brand. And huge sales will simply follow.