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08 November 2021

What is Business to Business B2B Lead Generation

A successful business is always rewarded with great teamwork. Every department of a business took part in this process. But business success is highly dependent on marketing and sales team efforts. B2B lead generation for a business is a process of identifying a potential customer from the crowd.

B2B Leads Generation

In this article. You will learn about the B2B business lead and its generation process. We will try to explore

How marketing and sales team can perform well over this important task.

Let’s start this learning process from the best-known types of lead for B2B

Types of B2B leads

Lead generation now a day is not a headache, but creating a potential lead. Which can be converted with little effort is not an easy task. As much hard struggle, the team would do for quality lead same easiness will be on the way for the selling team. Customer winning chances are more and converting of lead into an account holder becomes a handy task. Some best types of lead that can be generated for the real estate business.

Cold lead Vs Hot lead:

In simple to say for cold lead and hot lead in one line is:

  • Cold lead: – is person or contacts; to whom you call and make them aware about services or products. You sell.
  • Hot lead: – In this type of lead, people contact your company by themselves. And they enquire about products and services you have. They change into IQL (information qualified lead) easily.

IQL – Information Qualified Lead:

A cold and hot lead is an initial type of lead. Your well-planned approach can bring them to the next phase of IQL. as customers enter this stage of the sales funnel. Your team is aware of customer needs at this level. As the customer is little aware at this point. They are treated with welcome emails. They are educated for their problem by sending and sharing them free samples, product information, free webinar, catalogs, and case studies. Such information brings them out from the phase of cold lead. IQL type of lead has the best conversion rate for the next level with proper dealing. That is why, IQL must be dealt with dutifully, authentic, and with the best available level of services. Next is Marketing qualified leads MQL comes in approach.

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead:

In IQL level lead. The business serves a lead with warms welcome. Treat them as new and help lead to identifying their problem. After having a solid view of the lead problem. The sales team clarifies the original problem of the customer and brings them to the platform by discussing the available solution to the problem.

Market qualified leads in business come in phase by vesting your company website or signing up for email or newsletter. The marketing and sales team must be enough efficient to deal with MQL within a proper time frame. They should be offered free trials, free consultation, estimation of their problem, coupons, and given a proper guideline to the solution. Visitors or leads in MQL turn into potential customers more easily. if they found your company is enough best efficient in dealing and guiding them to their problem to solve.

SAL – Sale accepted lead:

Your team is almost everything and they perform outstandingly when they have all information of what your business is about and what your business has to offer. A SAL lead expects to benefit, discount, and offer from a business. Your dealing team best known the interest of the lead. There is no chance for leads to not be converted into customers but just your good offers. SAL lead could be your newbie from IQL à MQLà SAL or secondly, it could be a referral and an old customer. This is why they need a little more care for selling services.

SQL- Sales Qualified Lead:

This is a self-explanatory term. In this type, there are two types of the lead again as in SAL, While SAL is mostly your own educated. But in SQL you found the one type, is that you have made educated. Secondly referrals or old customers.

A high-speed response converts your SQL to potential customers. According to a study. Your response in the first minute has a ratio of 300% Plus for customer conversion. One minute take it to 120% same it happened gradually. And the response was given to the customer after the first 60 minutes take the conversion rate to 36%. Speed of response or contacting back to the customer within reasonable time play an important role in servicing your business. SQL lead is one step behind becoming your customer and your team is responsible to convert them into it. So, these are some special types of lead that help businesses to grow according to your expectations.

Who is responsible to generate your B2B lead?

We discuss it again here. But This question is quite clear if you go through the above headings. However, your marketing and sales team is highly responsible for conducting your business lead at all steps. We’ll discuss it in the next article about:

How marketing and sales teams are responsible for B2B lead Generation?

and How to track the progress of the lead conversion process?

How to increase your B2B lead conversion read?

For now, we would like to say to you, best of luck with your team’s progress!